Fetish Inspiration

As a fetishist, I engage in a plethora of different kinks and lifestyles. I crave kinky roleplays, and fantasy to life scenarios that take things to the next level. I have very few limits and I am rarely shocked by things people like to do. Although, if you DO shock me you are rewarded that day. LOL What do YOU like to do?

When you close your eyes and grab that cock and begin your ‘ritual’ — what scenario runs through your mind?

Below is just a little bit of inspiration from the view of a dominant fetishist. It is certainly not all encompassing. I did a 101 fetish series a handful of years ago, and perhaps will re-release it again. In any event, enjoy just a little bit of inspiration below OR just grab your cock and take a plunge and enjoy a taste of your Dominant Diva through erotic texting.

Cock Control: Guided Masturbation, Tease and Denial, Edging, Tantric Masturbation, CBT

You reach on down and decide to start fondling that fuck stick. You got the three-things you need for guided masturbation – but you are lacking a little bit of inspiration. As an expert masturbatrix, your cock control Goddess, Mistress Lillith will have you on edge ready to explode in no time. Erotic sexting is perfect for guided masturbation. Cock out, lube out, toys in hand if needed and all you have to do is read and follow my masturbation instruction. Of course, with it being cock control you have to wonder if youll be allowed an orgasm or if along with cock control will come orgasm control, tease and denial, edging until you are ready to explode…perhaps you are a bit of a pain slut and enjoy cock and ball torture sessions.

Your cock is in perfect hands when under my complete control. I will guide your cock, I will guide your masturbation. I will Control your cock.

ABDL Texting Sessions

ABDL, Also known as adult baby diaper lover – is a specialty kink of mine that I simply adore. Whether you are a grown man that likes to wear diapers, a sissy baby girl that likes to be pampered and dressed in frilly dresses. Some need fun little ABDL assignments while chatting, others want to be forced into wear a diaper and forced to mess in it. As the Mommy Mistress I know what makes an abbie tick, don’t shy away – you can still get the most of your erotic texting session with your majestic mommy mistress

Erotic Humiliation

Humiliation addicts out there love to be exposed and humiliated and seen for what they really are.

Are you a tiny dicked bandit that needs to be put in your place? Reminded that you aren’t a real man as a real cock is shoved down your throat or up your ass? Are you feeling a little twinge of excitement at just the mere thought of your humiliatrix making your cheeks hot and red, and making you feel as small as your prick is?

Erotic humiliation covers a wide range of reasons to be humiliated, otherwise I would be here listing those all day. Trust me you pathetic excuse for a ‘man’ I will break you down and degrade you to the point of no return.

Cuckold Fantasies

You come home from work and begin getting dinner ready, you lay your pretty wife’s clothing out because she is going out tonight. IF you are lucky she will bring someone home for the both of you to play with. But, while some men are thinking of a menage a trois you are hoping she brings home a bbc bull for you to worship, fluff and watch as he pounds that big black cock into your wife.

Sissy Camp and Feminization Training

Panties, high heels, hosiery, lipstick – these are a few of your favorite things aren’t they my little sissy? Mistress Lillith is the sissy camp counselor and will take you through stages of sissy school to be the best sissy you can be. And yes, this can be accomplished via erotic texting. Dress for your best especially for the first session. I look forward to seeing pictures of you all feminized and dressed up! I cant wait to take you out for a night out on the town. So step to it sissy slut, step into your favorite pair of high heels and let’s play

Mind Fuckery

With being an intelligent femdom comes the invitation for cerebral submissives to come and play as well. A good cerebral washing is in store for you when you beg for me to take control of your mind and completely mind fuck you. Now clearly these are better with mind fuck phone sessions and even on cam BUT, for those that have a loose mind…a completely open mind and are relaxed – you can still be mind fucked with just reading the right words. After all the written words can have triggers and buttons that get pressed over and over.

Can you imagine the mind fuckery that takes place when you simply read my words but you can hear my voice and tone?

Intox, Financial Domination and Blackmail

This one can only become difficult when you start to slur as you text. Forced intox games, financial domination games and blackmail games are always fun via texting.

I am an entitled bitch when it comes to pay pigs and financial domination. If you want to play with blackmail or findom — I should warn you though AT MINIMUM for financial domination and blackmail there is a $50 to start, on top of the per minute rate . If you want teamviewer, that is a $100 buy in right off the bat, plus session fees and I will only access certain accounts – a teamviewer blackmail and financial domination session will cost you at minimum $200 on top of regular session fees (includes the buy in…and those fees go for both blackmail and/or financial domination)

Sensual Domination

Sometimes you just need someone to take you up and over that edge with a soothing tone. Sensual domination is still under the realms of female domination…just perhaps not as harsh.  Some don’t like name calling, some don’t like any kind of pain. The submissive likes a little teasing but nothing too harsh. It is a very caring, sometimes coddling type of domination and you can find that with your fetish loving femdom.

GFE – The Girlfriend Experience

GFE, the Girlfriend Experience. Something that is BEST with the texting option, especially coupled with the use of my person cell phone. I don’t do these sessions often but I see a great need for some of you loner boys out there to need a text every so often to pop in while you are around family as sort of a screen…a way to convince others that you DO have a girlfriend.

I can create a package that will have me sending you texts throughout the day, maybe a little phone call that has been scheduled at the right time, maybe a sexy picture or a tiny little video sent to your text. It can be a fun experience – for me, for you, for all. 😉 (I Don’t send nudes, so don’t ask, nor expect that.) Girlfriend Experience Texting and Phone packages start at $50. Contact me on skype if you have questions about it and would like to begin a secret love affair with an elite femdom.