Cyber Chat with an Elite Femdom

When you’ve got a naughty itch that you need to scratch REGARDLESS of where you are.

Erotic Texting; Sexting with a Femdom Flair

While femdom phone sex sessions and femdom webcam sessions are very popular – from time to time voice nor cam is possible. There could be MANY reasons that you are unable to engage in a BDSM phone training session or webcam session.

You could be at work where talking out loud about your various kinks and fetishes is just not going to bode well for co-workers and HR

You could be surrounded by a group of people and you could be the one that likes to play with fire and get a little naughty in a place where you COULD get caught – treating your phone domme as a dirty little secret much like your dirty little fetish secret.

Erotic Texting is great for those that are perhaps a little too shy to engage phone to phone or cam to cam with your favorite femdom. I prefer you NOT whisper in the phone and if you are just going to type into the window anyway, you might as well engage in erotic texting.

Maybe you just prefer typing your fantasies, kinks and desires more so than speaking them out loud, erotic texting is perfect for you too.

Hell, there are times I am out and about and when I am unavailable for phone or cam, you can find me available for some kinky femdom sexting and erotic texting.

I enjoy erotic texting so I offer it.